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Hire an outsourced team of professional marketers and content writers to craft the perfect content for your website, ad copy, email copy, and more. Generate more web traffic, conversions, and sales.

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Why is Content Writing Important?

Content writing is the process of creating and mapping out ideas, and developing that content to meet SEO guidelines. Quality SEO content helps to represent your brand, and increase your rankings online.
Content writing is helpful for service businesses because the average individual does not have extensive knowledge of every service industry out there and will need guidance. How can they find help? Online! They can find information if they have questions they want to be answered. They can also find ways to contact and hire you if they do not want to problem-solve on their own. The first way to gain traffic to your business online is to attract prospects with valuable information.
Content Writing
Content Writing Process

How Does Content Writing Work?

For example, for blogging, you can focus your efforts on answering the questions your target audience has. This includes individuals who may not exactly be ready to hire you just yet. For example, if you are a roofer, try targeting keywords and questions of individuals looking to work on their roof on their own. Here are a few examples.
  • How can I clean my gutters?
  • How long should a tile roof last?
  • What are the benefits of replacing a roof?

For web designs and other pages, the process is similar. Performing keyword research and adding fresh, SEO optimized content can help to expand your customer base, grow your online authority, gain leads and more conversions, and increase your rankings on search engines.

Why Choose WolfPack Advising?

Targeting the questions mentioned previously can give your site authority with Google and Bing. It can also help you gain the trust of those who come in contact with your site such as potential customers. If you give consumers correct and digestible information for free, they are likely to want to hire you when they are unable to complete a more complex job on their own.
Our content writing process is different because here at Wolfpack, we write with the goal of building trust with prospective clients as well as search engines. When planning and drafting content, we take the time to research keywords that are high in search volume and related to our clients target audience. We also check the difficult ranking of the keywords we use. This gives our clients a better chance of ranking highly in search engines. Our pages include the following SEO elements and more.
  • Image Alternative Tags
  • Image Title
  • Keyword in body text
  • Page Title
  • HTML heading tags
  • Meta-description
Why Choose WolfPack Content Writing

Is Content Writing Important for My Business?

Content writing is a critical piece of your overall SEO strategy because it can help drive consistent users that read your blogs, help new users discover your website, and help increase backlinks to your site.

Many times, companies will go out of business and still appear in a search engines.  Fresh content on a website shows the reader that you are currently working in the profession and have a knowledge of what is new that they are searching about. The fresh content also signals to the search engine algorithms that you are current and providing the most recent information. Thus, pushing you towards the top of the search engine results. When you optimize your content for SEO, it’s more likely to be found for key search terms people are searching.

Other Industries We Serve

We can help home services companies with their content writing. We already work with pest control companies, home inspectors, contractors, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, and real estate agencies.

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Based on 61 reviews
Aaron and his team have been extremely helpful during our transition from other platforms to them. I want to make sure to mention Ron, our personal onboarding coordinator. He is the most helpful person! He thinks ahead and offers possible solutions, he goes out of his way to provide helpful and detailed-- often step by step instructions, and on and on... Additionally, he has been so extremely patient with the million questions! Thank you Ron and WolfPack team! You guys are amazing!! #alpha
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Inspector Gator! Happy we could help with your CRM and marketing automation needs!
I have been working with wolfpack for a few months now and things are going well. They answer all my questions and helped me set up my business from the ground. The SEO is working great and their reports help me understand all the metrics.
Response from the owner: Thank you so so much for the 5 stars! It’s a pleasure working with you Adam! Happy to hear the SEO is working well and the reports are understandable.
Ron is always prompt and spot on with solutions and suggestions for my Active Campaign automations, web forms, and everything else. He is a great addition to the robust support system Wolfpack has built. Many thanks to you and the rest of the team!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Jeff! So happy we could help 🙂
We recently began a relationship with WolfPack Marketing to create a new website.They are very creative and have kept my team informed with each step in the process.Very pleased.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Charles!
I don’t know how they do what they do. But after 3 months of minimal calls, I reached out to Aaron at Wolfpack, 2 weeks later, the phone is steadily ringing. Could not recommend more highly.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Tony! Happy to help!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Julian!