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Google Local Service Ad Management

Get more leads for your service-based business with Google Local Service Ads. Managing your local campaigns by yourself can feel overwhelming and ineffective. That’s why, when you partner with WolfPack, we will outline the setup process, how we optimize ads, and ultimately, help you track your exact return on ad spend.

Pricing starting at $275/month.

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Google Local Service Ads, also called, Google Guaranteed or Screened Ads, is a Google Search Campaign where providers are first screened before you can advertise. Consumers can then view Google “screened” providers or view Google “Guaranteed” providers in certain Google Search queries such as, “roofers near me”. The screening process can include license and insurance verification, and a background check. Google Screened vs Guaranteed depends on the industry. For more information, read our post.

Google Guaranteed Advertising Company

With Google Search Ads, Google allows the advertiser to control the individual keywords you are bidding on and advertisers pay per click. With Google Local Service Ads, Google only allows certain industries to advertise. Additionally, Google only allows advertisers to bid on “job types” within their category which you then pay per lead received. For example, a real estate agent could bid on the “rentals”, and “listings”, but not individual keywords.

Moreover, Google Local Service Ads has an advantage over Google Search in that it is more simple to start, enhances your advertisement with a Google Guaranteed or Screened Badge, and you pay per lead rather than per click.

Google Guaranteed & Screened are both verification processes in which providers must apply through Google Ads. Google Screened is only a verification status from Google where providers have to prove they are licensed (if their state requires it), insured(if their state requires it), and can pass a background check. Google Guaranteed is a verification status like Google Screened, but the consumer can be refunded by Google if the consumer is not satisfied with the provider’s work. Google Guaranteed is only available for certain locations and industries. Google Screened is only available for certain locations and industries as well.

Optimizing Google Local Service Ads

Once set up, it may take a few weeks to get approved/verified. After you are approved, you can begin showing ads.
To optimize performance, it’s best practice to check your account weekly. You should upload business photos/videos, ensure your business information is accurate, and carefully track calls and messages.
Lastly, in order to get the best performance, you will want a solid review request platform and review management. Generally, the most leads go to the companies with the most 5-star reviews with Google. With our marketing automation platform, you can optimize your review requests!

Why Work With WolfPack Advising?

We help companies with Google Local Ad setup, management, and tracking performance. Without a digital marketing agency, companies lack expertise in the field of best practices, how to optimize accounts, and what a good return on investment is.

If you want to maximize your return on investment from Google Local Ads, choose to work with a highly reputable agency like WolfPack Advising, today! Moreover, we are a Google Ads Partner based on our current accounts and expertise. Schedule a consultation to get started.

Google Local Ads appear at the top of search results and get more than 10% of the total clicks for local searches! See the proof. For some companies we work with, we see returns as high as 1,400%! This means for every $1 spent on ads, companies could receive $140 in returns.
That being said, Google Local Ads is one of the most effective advertising methods right now. With WolfPack Advising, we help companies track their return on ad spend (ROAS) with our Lead Center.
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Based on 57 reviews
I don’t know how they do what they do. But after 3 months of minimal calls, I reached out to Aaron at Wolfpack, 2 weeks later, the phone is steadily ringing. Could not recommend more highly.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Tony! Happy to help!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Julian!
Can we do 10 stars? This was the best decision I ever made for my business. I was referred from a friend and once the Wolfpack team took the reigns I've had more calls than ever before. Absolutely worth the investment. The team was very easy to work with, super helpful in getting everything setup. They were very responsive to all my questions and helped me do what was needed to get going full speed. Can't thank them enough!
Response from the owner: Awesome Paul! You can totally leave us 10 stars haha. So happy we could help with your digital marketing! Stay Alpha! 🐺
My onboarding has been smooth and communication has so far been great!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Derek 🙂
We have been working with Aaron for the last two months and have been very pleased with WolfPack Advising's services. We appreciate how hands on Aaron is. He is available to take meetings with us when we have questions, listens to our concerns and feedback and is quick to take action on next steps. We have worked with other marketing agencies in the past that left us in the dark and took weeks to respond to us, but Aaron is clearly committed to providing great customer service!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Rebekah!!
Queennie is awesome! I'm a one man, home inspector company, I've just started with Wolfpack and they are incredible. I've gained 2 to 3 calls each day and they've only begun to get things rolling from me. (less than 30 days) Best decision I've made in regards to Marketing.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Jeff! 🙂