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Electrician Google Local Ad Management Services

WolfPack Advising is the leading Local Google Ad Management Agency for electricians. We specialize in small business pay-per-click management for home inspectors, pest control companies, plumbers, and more.

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What Are Google Local Ads?

Google Local Ads, also called, Google Guaranteed Ads, is a Google Ad Search Campaign where work is guaranteed through Google. This is because to register as an advertiser for your business, you first need to pass a background check, submit insurance information, as well as, submit license documentation.

Google Local Ads

Optimizing Google Local Ads

Once set up, it may take a few weeks to get approved. After you are approved, you can begin showing your ads.
To optimize performance, it’s best practice to check your account weekly. You should upload business photos/videos, ensure your business information is accurate, and carefully track calls and messages.
Lastly, in order to get the best performance, you will want a solid review request platform and review management. Generally, the most leads go to the companies with the most 5-star reviews with Google. With our marketing automation platform, you can optimize your review requests!

Why Should You Work With WolfPack Advising?

We help electrician companies with Google Local Ad setup, management, and tracking performance. Without a digital marketing agency, companies lack expertise in the field of best practices, how to optimize accounts, and what a good return on investment is.

If you want to maximize your return on investment from Google Local Ads, choose to work with a highly reputable agency like WolfPack Advising, today! Moreover, we are a Google Ads Partner based on our current accounts and expertise. Schedule a consultation to get started.

Tracking Performance

Tracking Performance

Tracking performance with Google Local Ads is relatively easy. All you need is a tracking number in order to see your return on investment. With WolfPack’s Lead Center, you can track your return on investment from Google Local Ads or any marketing campaign for that matter!

How Effective Are Google Local Ads?

Google Local Ads appear at top of search results and get more than 10% of the total clicks for local searches! See the proof. For some companies we work with, we see returns as high as 1,400%! This means for every $1 spent on ads, companies could receive $140 in returns.
That being said, Google Local Ads is one of the most effective advertising methods right now.
How Effective Are Google Ads_

Frequently asked questions

How Much Should You Budget?

We recommend starting out with a monthly budget of $500. However, you can start with as little or as much as you would like. Return on ad spend (ROAS) does decrease at some high-spend budgets.

How Can I Check How My Ads Are Performing?

You can check your performance by logging in to your Google Local Ad Services account. We will also send reports to help you understand how your ad(s) is performing.

How Can I Improve My Ranking?

Your ranking is determined by several factors that help Google match local businesses with customers. Factors that can affect your ranking are, your proximity to potential customers’ locations, your review score and the number of reviews you receive, your responsiveness to customer inquiries and requests, your business hours, and whether or not we’ve received serious or repeated complaints about your business.

What is the Difference Between Local Services Ads and PPC?

Local Services Ads are pay per lead, not pay per click. Your budget is calculated on the number of people who actually click through your ad to contact you. Keyword research is not needed with Local Services Ads. An ad will be generated by Google according to your location, business hours, services offered, and highlight features.

We are a trusted Google Ads Partner. Connect with us on your pay per click management needs to get fully optimized lead generation ads.