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Lead Tracking & Reporting Dashboard

In marketing, it isn’t very pleasant when you can’t figure out if your ads are making you money. That’s where WolfPack Advising comes in – we ensure you know if your ads are working with our Lead Tracking Center. When you work with WolfPack, you can trust that your marketing campaigns are making your business money.

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Track Your Return On Investment

"Wolfpack Advising is an amazing team who has allowed the company I work for to grow and expand. Their value added through technology and service is fantastic!"

Lead Center Dashboard

How It Works

With any marketing campaign, you will want to track return on investment (ROI). Tracking how much business a marketing campaign is bringing you is critical to the longevity of your campaign and business.

WolfPack Advising provides tools and services to help track where your leads are coming from and ultimately, build reports to find ROI by source.

These are the different sources of leads we can track:

  • Calls
  • Form Entries
  • Website Chats
  • Emails
  • Text Messages
  • Website Events
  • ECommerce Purchases
Return on investment tracking
Lead Center Dashboard

Call Tracking

What Is Call Tracking?

Call Tracking is finding where calls originate from. When you partner with WolfPack Advising in any of our services, we can implement call tracking to help you identify the efficacy of your marketing efforts. As a business owner, it’s important you understand exactly how your marketing spends are affecting your bottom line and what your true cost for an inspection is. For example, our call tracking can source calls from your Google My Business, Google Searches, Paid Ad Campaigns, Social Media, and much more! Read more about call tracking below.

Call Recording

Call recording is available as well. This helps you track the performance of your office staff and provide coaching on how to better sell your services. Additionally, with recorded calls, you can listen to customer needs and the quality of leads from different marketing campaigns.

Detailed Analytics & Reporting

All of your calls are tracked and stored. Moreover, each call can be marked as a quotable (or non-quotable) lead, custom tagged, and valued based on the amount of money that client would be spending. Those custom fields are then reported in detailed analytics so you can understand which sources are driving the most qualified leads and exactly how much money you have earned from the different campaigns.

How Much Does This Cost?

Lead tracking is free, however, there are nominal fees for call tracking, text recording, and other items.

tracking website users

Form Tracking

What Is Form Tracking?

Form tracking functions just like call tracking. When you have forms on your website that get sent to your office, it is difficult to know where that lead originated from. With form tracking, we can understand if a form lead came from Google My Business, Google Searches, Social Media, Paid Ads, & much more!

How Does Form Tracking Work?

By inserting javascript code onto your website, we can track where a user came from to land on your website. That information is then tracked and the customer’s journey is followed until they submit a form.

Why Is This Beneficial?

Some people prefer to submit a form entry only rather than spending time on a phone call. Form tracking, coupled with call tracking, allows you to track all of your leads.

See How We're Changing The Game

My onboarding has been smooth and communication has so far been great!
We have been working with Aaron for the last two months and have been very pleased with WolfPack Advising's services. We appreciate how hands on Aaron is. He is available to take meetings with us when we have questions, listens to our concerns and feedback and is quick to take action on next steps. We have worked with other marketing agencies in the past that left us in the dark and took weeks to respond to us, but Aaron is clearly committed to providing great customer service!
Queennie is awesome! I'm a one man, home inspector company, I've just started with Wolfpack and they are incredible. I've gained 2 to 3 calls each day and they've only begun to get things rolling from me. (less than 30 days) Best decision I've made in regards to Marketing.
I would say I have been attempting in all the ways possible to obtain access to my FB business page that was lost when my personal FB was hacked and cleared. Jenna and I relayed info back and forth smoothly and she did it! I finally have access to my FB business page that I lost almost a year ago! This is just the beginning with Wolfpack! I can't wait. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for your Social Media and Growth needs!
Aaron and the gang at Wolfpack is great! They helped me get everything in line and going better. While I am still somewhat in the habit of doing things on my own, I have to remind myself to let The Wolfpack know what I want done and they will take care of it for me. They do a great job, give them a try and you will not be disappointed.
Stop looking and call them now!Enlisting the services of Wolfpack Advising, spearheaded by the brilliant Aaron Shishilla, for my Google advertising has proven to be the smartest move I've made for my home inspection business. Aaron's expertise and personalized approach have resulted in a remarkable uptick in visibility and calls.The team's commitment to tailored strategies, data-driven methodologies, and transparent communication sets them apart. Since partnering with Wolfpack Advising, my business has experienced tangible growth, making them an invaluable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.I highly recommend Wolfpack Advising and Aaron Shishilla for anyone looking to elevate their Google advertising game – it's a decision that has truly transformed my business for the better.
WolfPack is an incredible company. We switched to a cheaper CRM and almost immediately realized that WolfPack was superior. Their customized knowledge of this industry is key, and customer support is top notch. Ron is a lifeline and always so kind! We will not stray again!
We have been very happy with WolfPack. Our SEO results have been positive and they are helping us out with ppc ads. They provide a monthly video that goes over our report with recommendations. I highly recommend WolfPack.
Great company, they do what they say they are going to do. So happy I switched web providers!
Wolfpack Advising are doing a phenomenal job advertising my business! Their promotion of my business is overly appreciated.
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