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Marketing Automation

WolfPack Advising is the leading marketing agency for home service companies. We specialize in small business marketing automation for home inspectors, pest control companies, plumbers, and more.

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Marketing Automation Plans

Choose what plan best fits your business needs. Marketing automation pricing is based on the plan you choose, as well as, the number of unique contacts subscribed to an email list.

Starting at $197/month.


  • Mass Email Builder
  • Automated Marketing Sequences
  • Setup & Data Import
  • Inline Forms
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Basic Reporting
  • 1 User


  • Everything in Basic
  • Review Request Automations
  • Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Popup Form Builder
  • SMS Add-On w/ SMS Automation
  • Conditional Content
  • Custom User Permissions
  • 3 Users


  • Everything in Preferred
  • Goals
  • Predictive Sending – AI
  • Split Automations
  • Site Messages
  • Salesforce & Microsoft Integration
  • 5 Users


  • Marketing & Sales Automation
  • Forms & Landing Page Builder
  • Review Request Automations
  • Return on Investment Tracking
  • Sales Automations & Funnels
  • Conditional Content
  • Custom User Permissions
  • Facebook Ad Audience Connection
  • 3 Users


  • Everything in Preferred
  • 1:1 Emails
  • Predictive Sending – AI
  • Predictive Content – AI
  • Split Automations
  • Sentiment Analysis – AI
  • Lead Scoring
  • 5 Users

Bundle Opportunity

If you bundle marketing automation and social media management, WolfPack will automatically engage and follow your customers on social media!

Automate Your Marketing

Alleviate manual work and calculate your total return on investment from different marketing strategies.

“Working with WolfPack has allowed us to automate marketing efforts so that our team can spend their time on the most impactful tasks, not tedious ones. They also give us detailed reports on how marketing campaigns are performing, and what the return on investment is. I also appreciate that they are just an email, text, or call away.”

-Warren Inspections

CRM Automation Screenshot

View Industry-Specific Marketing Automation Systems

Home Inspectors

Get more business from Realtors.

Pest Control

Cross sell services, retain clients, and get more reviews.

Others Coming Soon…

Pardon our bones...

Core Features – Nobody Slips Through The Cracks

Reach your clients at every step in their referral cycle.

Welcome New Clients

Make a lasting impression on new clients through personalized introductions.


Retain Existing Clients

Let your existing clients know you appreciate them by celebrating inspection milestones.


Revive Inactive Clients

Know when clients stop working with you so that you can turn them into a re-engaged partner.


Group Meetings

Get placed in a group with like-minded companies and individuals and meet monthly.

Listing Agent

Send Mass Emails

Automate your newsletters and prospecting emails with mass emails and 1:1 email capabilities.

Top Agents

Prospect Top Clients

The top 20% of clients do 80% of the business. Let’s bring them into your sphere.

Review Requests

Send and filter review requests to Google & Facebook. Automatically track your conversion rates, and more!


Integrations With Others

Want to do automated direct mailing, SMS, and more? We can integrate with those systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Do We Help?

We help small to medium-sized businesses in the home services industry. Check out our page for home inspectors.

What Is The Cost?

Costs vary depending on the plan you choose and the total number of unique contacts subscribed to an email list within the software. On average, companies spend about $359/month.

What software does this replace?

With WolfPack’s CRM, you can replace review request software like Blipp Reviews or Podium. Moreover, you can also replace mass email systems like MailChimp or Constant Contact. Lastly, you can replace your current CRM with this all-in-one solution.

How does this WolfPack track return on investment?

In WolfPack, you can use one of our base automations or build your own. Within each automation, our system knows when someone enters the automation/sequence and through integrations can track once a contact actually becomes a customer. Return on investment reports can then be pulled for different dates by automation or sales funnel.

How it Works


Setup the Core

We use a custom buildout of The WolfPack CRM, a highly capable marketing system, to create the backbone of our process.


Connect with Your Scheduler

Through our magical process, we will connect with your scheduling system to automate the flow of data.


Bring on the Integrations

The WolfPack CRM can link with SMS, direct mail, video platforms, and more. Reach contacts through multiple mediums.



Once setup is done, data will automatically start flowing from your scheduling system to your custom WolfPack CRM account.


Training & Support

We have resources to help you understand your new account and how to build upon it. Our team is also available to answer questions and provide additional assistance.

All Marketing Automation Features

Mass Emails & Automation

Build your mass emails, send to email lists, and automate your marketing emails.

Automated SMS

Automate your SMS marketing with a text message addon.

Form Builder

Build forms to easily update/add contacts. Use it for birthday collections and more.

Landing Page Builder

Place your custom forms on a custom built landing page to track conversions.

Facebook Custom Ad Audience

Automatically add contacts to a Facebook Ads Audience to target them with FB Ads.

Lead Scoring

Score leads based on actions like opening emails, clicking links, and more.

E-commerce Integrations

Integrate your ECommerce solution to followup with carts, orders, and more.

Predictive Sending

The system learns when the most likely time an individual contact will open an email.

Conditional Content

Customize your email content by the contact conditions, like their subscriber date or revenue.

Advanced Reporting

See reporting down to each contact, as well as, a whole picture. See exact return on investment.

Split Testing

Split your automations in half and run A/B testing.


Set custom goals and track conversions for practically anything.