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Home Inspector Social Media Management Services

WolfPack Advising is the leading Social Media Agency for home inspection companies. We specialize in small business social media management for home inspectors, pest control companies, plumbers, and more.

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Social Media Management Plans

Choose what plan best fits your business needs. Our social media plans may not be a perfect fit for every company. That’s why our agency focuses on your business’s specific needs and can create custom plans for you. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more.

Lone Wolf

Basic package for clients who are just starting out and need essential digital marketing guidance.

  • Facebook & Instagram Account Design
  • Custom Posts 3 Days Per Week
  • Custom Hashtags
  • Posting at Maximum Times
  • Rotation of 8 Custom Graphics – Updated Quarterly


An advanced package that helps clients explore new strategies and navigate the digital marketing landscape.

  • Everything in Lone Wolf
  • Weekly Engagement
  • Weekly Outreach
  • Monthly Reports
  • Monthly Review Calls
  • Rotation of 10 Custom Graphics  – Updated Quarterly

Alpha Pro

Pro package designed to establish clients as leaders in their industry through powerful marketing tactics.

  • Everything in Pathfinder
  • TikTok Profile Creation/Design
  • Up to 4 Posts Per Month On YouTube Shorts, FB/IG Reels, & TikTok
  • Engagement & Outreach on TikTok, FB, and IG Reels
  • Linktree Design & Management
  • Rotation of 12 Custom Graphics – Updated Monthly


Enterprise package tailored to meet the needs of larger businesses seeking comprehensive marketing solutions.

  • Enterprise Level Solutions
  • Custom Solutions

Bundle Opportunity

If you bundle marketing automation and social media management, WolfPack will automatically engage and follow your customers on social media!

Automate Your Social Media Posts

Stay top of mind with your customers and referral partners with automatic social media posts with WolfPack Advising. We can create posts from your website, orders, software, and content.

Grow Your Social Media Presence

  • Live reporting dashboards
  • Automatic outreach to your customers and referral partners
  • Automatic engagement with your audience

Frequently Asked Questions

What is social media management?

Social media management is where an agency manages your social media accounts. This typically includes creating, designing, and scheduling posts for social media profiles. In addition, it can include profile creation and design, as well as, social media engagement management.

Why is social media important for home inspectors?

Social media plays a critical role in business today. Almost everyone is on social media. This helps businesses stay top of mind with future customers, previous customers, and referral partners.

Social media management can increase a business’s brand awareness and overall growth.

Social media management is a great form of digital marketing for your home inspection business, but as a business owner, do you feel so busy running your business that you struggle to find time to post and interact on social media? WolfPack is here to help grow your business and help with reputation management with your social media channels!

It is becoming more common now for people to search for local businesses like home inspectors on Facebook pages, Instagram posts, and other social media platforms. People from all generations are found on such social media platforms, so you can reach a large audience of people this way with your posts and social media campaigns! Gaining an audience with your social media channels can help drive traffic to your website and home inspection business as a whole, resulting in more leads and clients.

We know the importance and value of building relationships with loyal customers. Engaging with customers keeps them with your home inspection business, and opens up the way for referrals and recommendations. Engagement is often the most time consuming aspect of social media management, but that is why WolfPack is here to provide the best help out of other marketing companies so that you have more time to run your business!

How does social media management work?

Social media management typically works by first giving access to social media profiles to an agency. Then, the agency may request access to industry-specific platforms and software like scheduling systems. This helps the agency understand what’s going on day to day in the business and create content.

Moreover, an agency may create a google drive link between the agency and the customer to share content such as images and videos. Lastly, an agency may meet with businesses every month to report analytics and discuss opportunities for improvement.

How much does social media management cost?

Social media management costs can vary by agency and business type. Small businesses can expect to pay $250/month for social media management. However, pricing can increase into the thousands depending on the project scope of work.

Our average pricing for social media management is about $500/month.

What social media platforms should I use?

Right now, Instagram and Facebook tend to be the most popular platforms for most businesses. However, recommended social media platforms vary by business type. For example, e-commerce shops might have great success on TikTok or Pinterest.

We recommend trying all social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Then, stick with the platforms that have the best reach.

What's Involved For Home Inspectors?

Our goal here at WolfPack is to grow your online and social media presence. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok are being used now more than ever to advertise businesses. With social media marketing, we not only focus on posting and gaining more followers but engagement as well. Engagement is a great marketing strategy that can really help your home inspection company build more relationships with customers such as home buyers and real estate agents in your service area.

We also pay attention to other competitors around the area, for example, by seeing what popular hashtags they are using, and implementing those methods in our process. That way, we can see what is trending, and use those methods to build your online presence even more!

Social media trends and algorithms are always changing, so you can trust WolfPack to be the best out of internet marketing agencies to keep up with these trends and keep your social media account fresh!