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Email Marketing

Stay top of mind with self-crafted email campaigns.

What We Do

WolfPack Advising helps businesses build customer awareness from targeted email campaigns. We provide access to our customized email marketing software and advise businesses on how to get the most out of their email designs, segmentation, call to action, and ultimately return on investment.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Email Marketing Features List

A/B Testing

Test which email marketing systems generate more opens, clicks, and overall engagement.

Advanced Segmentation

Segment your contacts through powerful custom fields and contact scores.

Track Statistics

View open rates, click rates, e-commerce purchases, location, and more.

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Why Choose WolfPack

Clients choose us because of our attention to you. We give each customer personalized recommendations to best suit their individual company. In addition, since we work with so many companies, we know what works and what doesn’t.

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