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SMS can be an effective way to reach contacts who may not be engaging with other means of communication, like emails. There are a few different ways to set up texting within the CRM. Let’s explore!

Option 1: Built-In SMS

I’m going to jump right in by saying this is my least favorite option of the three. Although the CRM has a built-in texting feature, it is very limited. Currently, it works more like a broadcast, which means that although it will work perfectly for sending out a text message, it will not work for two-way communication to receive any replies to that text message. If a contact sends a response, you literally will not see it or get a notification.

Now that we’ve established this feature is not the best option let’s talk about what will work for most companies.

Option 2: Native Integrations

Several 3rd party SMS systems have pre-built native integrations to work seamlessly with the CRM. These include Salesmsg, Message Media, Burst SMS, Sakari, JustCall, etc. To see the complete list of native integrations, open up an automation and look at the menu on the right-hand side. The last option says CX Apps.

The SMS services on this list allow for two-way texting. The automation will trigger the outbound text, and if the contact replies, it will go into the SMS service for your team to continue the conversation. Sign up for an account directly with the service you think will be the best fit, click and drag the service from the CX Apps into the automation, and enter the appropriate credentials to link it.

After you enter the credentials, it should take you through the remaining steps to set up the outbound SMS sent when a contact reaches that step in the automation.

Option 3: Non-native Integrations

Let us know if your team currently has a phone system that has SMS/texting capability, even if that system does not show in the CX Apps list. If you want to keep using it, it may be possible by using a connection system like Zapier. We can look into it further and let you know if it will work. If not, we’ll go back to option 2.

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