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Pest Control Social Media Management 

Growing your pest control company’s online presence, driving leads, and building relationships with your customer base with our pest control social media marketing.

Stay Consistent & Be Remembered.

Reach your pest control customers on social media and stay top of mind.

Automated Posting

Stay top of mind with automated, high-quality posts.

Get Engaged

We quickly engage new and potential customers for you.

Stay Engaged

Stay top of mind with your customers with interactions.

Growth Reports

There’s no question this works. We send automated weekly reports.

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  • 5 Custom Posts Per Week
  • Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn
  • Profile Creation/Design
  • Custom Hashtags For Further Outreach
  • Posting at Maximum Times


Most Popular


  • Everything In Basic
  • Engagement/Outreach
  • Monthly Reports
  • Monthly Video Calls




  • Everything in preferred.
  • TikTok Engagement/Outreach
  • TikTok Profile Creation/Design
  • 2 Videos On TikTok Per Month
  • In Beta Testing


How it Works



We gain access to your social media platforms, setup weekly reporting, and also gain access to your CRM to find your customer base.


Automated Posting

Each week we will request 2 new photos from your pest control company and automatically publish high engaging posts relevant to your business.


Weekly Engagement (Preferred & Alpha Plans Only)

Every week we will spend 1 hour engaging with your following and finding new customers to engage with.


Reporting (Preferred & Alpha Plans Only)

At the end of every week, you will receive reports on audience growth and post engagement.

Pest Control Social Media Management FAQ's

What is Involved in Pest Control Social Media Management?

Our goal here at WolfPack is to grow your online presence and brand awareness, and to bring people to your site. We post what you would like, as well as content marketing for your target audience. This includes anything from a new blog post to information about your pest control services. To do this with social media, we not only focus on posting quality content and gaining more followers, but engagement as well. Engagement is what can really help your pest control company build more relationships with customers.

We also pay attention to other competitors around the area, for example, by seeing what popular hashtags they are using, and implement those methods in our process. That way, we can see what is trending, and use those methods build your online presence even more!

Social media trends and algorithms are always changing, so you can trust in WolfPack to to keep up with pest control marketing trends and marketing strategy and keep your social media account fresh!

Why is Social Media Management Important for My Pest Control Business?

Social media management is a great form of digital marketing for your pest control business, but do you feel so busy running your business that you struggle to find time to post and interact on social media? WolfPack is here to help!

It is becoming more common now for people to search for local businesses like pest control businesses on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. People from all generations are found on such social media networks, so you can reach a large audience of people this way!

We know the importance and value of building relationships with loyal customers. Engaging with customers keeps them with your pest control business, and opens up the way for referrals and recommendations. Engagement is often the most time consuming aspect of social media management, but that is why WolfPack is here to help so that you have more time to run your business!

Become Alpha

Bundle Social Media Management with Marketing Automation to automatically help retain customers and find customers on social media!