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The fast-paced evolution of social media introduces new platforms that continually shape how we connect, share, and engage online. Staying updated with new social media platforms in 2024 is crucial, whether you’re a marketer, business owner, or just a social media enthusiast.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top new social media platforms to watch in 2024, highlighting their unique features, algorithms, and potential impact on the digital world. Let’s dive in!

Algorithm Types Across Platforms

PlatformAlgorithm Type
Instagram ThreadsEngagement-based
KickEngagement and viewing time-based
BeRealReal-time engagement
See how algorithms shape user experiences on new social media platforms in 2024

Understanding the types of algorithms driving content on social media platforms is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of the algorithm types used by various new social media platforms in 2024:

Instagram ThreadsEngagement-based

Instagram Threads relies on an engagement-based algorithm. This means the content that receives the most likes, comments, and shares is more likely to appear at the top of users’ feeds.


Lemon8 focuses on a visual-based algorithm, prioritizing high-quality and visually appealing content.

KickEngagement and viewing time-based

Kick uses a combination of engagement and viewing time to rank content. It also factors in how long users spend viewing a post.


Bluesky stands out with its user-driven algorithm. Instead of relying on automated processes, Bluesky allows users to have a say in what content becomes popular.


Damus takes a different approach by having no algorithm at all. This platform presents content in chronological order, ensuring that users see posts as they are published.


Similar to Damus, RTRO also opts for no algorithm, displaying posts in real-time order. This allows users to experience a raw and unfiltered stream of content, staying true to the platform’s mission of authenticity and simplicity.


Gowalla leverages a location-based algorithm, prioritizing content based on geographical proximity. This makes it perfect for users interested in local events, places, and activities.

BeRealReal-time engagement

BeReal focuses on real-time engagement, encouraging users to post and interact spontaneously. The algorithm promotes content based on immediate reactions and interactions.

Platform Distribution in 2024

PlatformMarket Position
Instagram ThreadsGrowing rapidly
Lemon8Gaining popularity
KickVibrant community
BlueskyPromising alternative
DamusFocus on privacy
RTROUnique blend
GowallaRevival app
BeRealEmphasizes authenticity
Explore the diverse market positions of new social media platforms in 2024.

Here’s an overview of the market positions of these promising social media platforms in 2024:

Instagram ThreadsGrowing rapidly
Instagram Threads is experiencing rapid growth, quickly becoming a favorite for those who already enjoy the broader Instagram ecosystem. Its focus on private, close-knit conversations and communities is resonating well, driving its swift adoption and expansion.

Lemon8Gaining popularity
Lemon8 is steadily gaining popularity, particularly among visual content creators, enthusiasts, and Gen Z. Its emphasis on high-quality, aesthetically pleasing content is attracting artists, designers, and photographers.

KickVibrant community
Kick boasts a vibrant community, characterized by active engagement and diverse content. The platform’s dual focus on engagement and viewing time.

BlueskyPromising alternative
Bluesky is emerging as a promising alternative to mainstream social media platforms. With its user-driven content curation, Bluesky offers a more democratic and personalized social media experience.

DamusFocus on privacy
Damus prioritizes privacy, attracting users who are increasingly concerned about data security and personal privacy.

RTROUnique blend
RTRO presents a unique blend of simplicity and authenticity. This platform appeals to users who value an unfiltered and real-time view of social media, emphasizing genuine connections and real-life moments.

GowallaRevival app
Gowalla, once a popular check-in app, is making a strong comeback. Its revival focuses on location-based content, making it a go-to platform for users interested in local events and activities.

BeRealEmphasizes authenticity
BeReal emphasizes authenticity and spontaneity, encouraging users to share real-time moments without filters or pretense.

Summary of Visual Features

PlatformKey Visual Features
Instagram ThreadsText-based posts, clean design
Lemon8High-quality images, visually appealing layouts
KickLive video streams, interactive chat
BlueskyText-based posts, minimalist design, ad-free
DamusBasic layouts, user privacy controls
RTRONostalgic visuals, organic interactions
GowallaInteractive maps, gamified elements
BeRealDual-camera photos, unfiltered content, daily notifications
Highlighting the key visual features across top social media platforms

This table and descriptions should help readers quickly understand the primary visual characteristics of each platform, making it easier to compare them at a glance. By highlighting the best new social media platforms of 2024, readers can make informed decisions about which platforms align with their interests and needs.

Instagram Threads

new social media platforms 2024 - instagram threads

Instagram Threads emerged in mid-2023 as a text-based extension of Instagram, designed to foster updates and conversations. Often compared to Twitter, Threads offers a similar experience but with Instagram’s unique touch. Initially unavailable in the EU due to privacy laws, it became accessible in December 2023. As it picks up traction in more countries, 2024 could be a breakout year for Threads, offering users a fresh way to engage with their followers through text-based updates.


Threads prioritize real-time updates and interactions. The algorithm favors content with high engagement rates, such as likes, comments, and shares, ensuring that the most relevant and popular posts are seen by more users.

User Interface

Clean and minimalistic, focusing on text updates and conversations. Similar aesthetic to Instagram but is centered on text rather than images.

new social media platforms 2024 - instagram threads user interface

Primary Visual Elements

  • Text-based posts
  • Thread-like conversations
  • A focus on simplicity

User Reviews Summary

Positive Feedback

Users appreciate the clean and simple design, making it easy to share and follow text-based updates. Many enjoy the integration with Instagram, which allows for seamless engagement with followers.

Negative Feedback

Some users find the platform redundant if they already use Twitter. Others have noted occasional issues with real-time updates and notifications.

Leverage Real-Time Updates

Share timely and relevant updates that engage your audience. Use the platform’s real-time interaction capabilities to your advantage by posting about current events, live updates, and trending topics.

Interactive Content

Encourage engagement by asking questions, creating polls, and starting conversations. Threads’ conversational nature makes it ideal for interactive content.


Integrate your Threads activity with your main Instagram account. Promote your Threads posts on Instagram Stories or the main feed to drive traffic and engagement.

Best For

  • Real-time updates and conversations.
  • Engaging with a younger, text-focused audience.
  • Integrating with existing Instagram followers.

Business Use

  • Quick updates, promotions, and engaging in real-time conversations with your audience.
  • Ideal for businesses already using Instagram heavily.

Advantages for Marketers

  • Real-Time Engagement: Threads allow for instant communication and interaction, making it perfect for timely promotions, customer service, and live updates.
  • Integration with Instagram: Marketers can leverage their existing Instagram follower base, providing a seamless way to engage with a highly visual audience through text-based updates.

Marketing Strategies

  • Use Threads for live event updates and real-time customer engagement.
  • Cross-promote content from Instagram to drive traffic and engagement.

Instagram Threads at a Glance

  • Average Engagement Rate: 4.2%
  • Most Engaged Demographic: Users aged 18-24
  • Top Content Types: Text updates, polls, and real-time event coverage

Instagram Growth Trends 2020-2024

new social media platforms 2024  - growth of instagram threads

As we analyze the growth trends for Instagram from the year 2020 to 2024, we observe a significant increase in user numbers. By 2024, Instagram is projected to reach an impressive milestone of 30 million users.

Yearly Breakdown of User Growth


  • The year started with steady growth as Instagram continued to evolve, introducing new features that attracted more users.


  • Even amidst global challenges, the platform saw a surge in user engagement as people sought digital connectivity, further boosting the user base.


  • With increased investment in e-commerce and influencer marketing, Instagram’s growth trajectory maintained its momentum.


  • Continued feature innovations and strategic partnerships have played a major role in attracting new demographics.

2024 (Projected)

  • Looking ahead, if current trends persist, Instagram is on track to hit or even surpass the 30 million user mark.

Factors Contributing to Growth

  • Innovation in content creation tools
  • Expanded e-commerce capabilities
  • Strategic brand collaborations
  • Evolving algorithm catering to user preferences
  • Increasing appeal to a global audience

The upward trend signifies Instagram’s ongoing relevance and potential for businesses, influencers, and individual users seeking a wide-reaching social media platform.


new social media platforms 2024 - lemon8

Lemon8, launched in Japan in 2020 and expanded to the UK and USA in 2023, combines the charm of old-school Instagram and Pinterest. Rooted in images and videos, Lemon8 is user-friendly and highly shareable. Despite lacking official monetization, it’s rumored that ByteDance, the company behind TikTok, has been paying influencers to post on the platform. With its nostalgic appeal and growing user base, Lemon8 is set to make waves in the social media scene.


Lemon8’s algorithm is highly visual, promoting content that is engaging and shareable. It uses user interactions, such as likes and shares, to push popular content to the forefront, ensuring users see the most appealing posts.

Visual Comparison of New Social Media Platforms

  • User Interface: A blend of Instagram and Pinterest, emphasizing images and videos with a user-friendly interface.
  • Primary Visual Elements: High-quality images, visually appealing layouts, and influencer-driven content.
new social media platforms 2024 - lemon8 interface

User Reviews Summary

Positive Feedback

The platform is praised for its visually appealing layout and the quality of content. Users love the blend of Instagram and Pinterest features, which make it enjoyable and easy to use.

Negative Feedback

The lack of official monetization options can be a drawback for influencers. Some users also mention that the platform needs more diverse content.

Engagement Strategies for Lemon8

  • High-Quality Visuals: Focus on creating visually appealing content. High-quality images and videos are crucial on Lemon8, so invest in good photography and editing tools.
  • Influencer Collaborations: Partner with influencers to reach a broader audience. Influencers can help you create authentic and engaging content that resonates with their followers.
  • Engage with Trends: Stay updated with the latest trends and incorporate them into your content. This can increase your visibility and engagement on the platform.

Best For

  • Visually-driven content.
  • Influencer marketing and visual storytelling.
  • Targeting an audience interested in lifestyle, fashion, and design.

Business Use

  • Showcasing products through high-quality images and videos.
  • Collaborating with influencers to reach a broader audience.

Advantages for Marketers

  • Visually-Driven Content: Perfect for brands that rely heavily on imagery, such as fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle.
  • Influencer Collaborations: The platform’s emphasis on high-quality visuals and influencer content makes it ideal for influencer marketing campaigns.

Marketing Strategies

  • Create visually appealing posts that engagingly showcase products or services.
  • Partner with influencers to reach a broader, more engaged audience.

Lemon8 Threads at a Glance

  • Average Engagement Rate: 6.1%
  • Most Engaged Demographic: Users aged 18-34
  • Top Content Types: High-quality images, short videos, and influencer collaborations

Lemon8 Trends 2020-2024

new social media platforms 2024 - growth of lemon8

Projections for Lemon8 indicate that the company is set to experience significant user growth in the years leading up to 2024. The following year-by-year breakdown provides a clearer picture of this upward trajectory:


  • The base year from which growth trends are measured.


  • An uptick in user acquisition as market awareness increases.


  • Continued growth fueled by product enhancements and marketing efforts.


  • Expansion into new markets, further accelerating user growth.

2024 (Projected)

  • Projected to reach the milestone of 25 million users by the end of the year.

Factors Contributing to Growth

Launched in late 2022, Kick has swiftly carved out a place for itself as a formidable rival to the well-established Twitch. By providing streamers greater flexibility in payouts and content rules, it has lured an array of high-profile Twitch personalities to its side. As of 2023, the platform boasts over 12 million active streamers and shows no signs of faltering in its dynamic growth.


new social media platforms 2024 - kick

Kick, a streaming platform that launched in late 2022, has rapidly emerged as a formidable competitor to Twitch. It provides streamers with greater flexibility in payouts and content regulations, which has drawn many high-profile Twitch streamers to the platform. By 2023, Kick had attracted 12 million active streamers, establishing itself as a vibrant and popular community with continued growth potential. Please note, that Kick is distinct from Kik, the messaging app.


Kick’s sophisticated algorithm favors streamers who engage their audience deeply and sustain long viewing sessions. It strategically boosts live streams that draw larger crowds and witness more interaction, essentially easing the way for popular streamers to amplify their reach.

User Interface

  • Similarity to Twitch: Kick’s user interface maintains a familiar ease of use for those accustomed to Twitch, with a significant focus on live streaming functions.
  • Primary Visual Elements: It incorporates critical features such as user profiles, chat windows, and streaming channels, centered around live video feeds, interactive chats, and flexible content layouts.
new social media platforms 2024 - kick user interface

User Reviews Summary

Positive Feedback

Users commend the platform for its lenient payout options and content guidelines, while the burgeoning community and the influx of notable streamers contribute positively to its reputation.

Negative Feedback

In contrast, newcomers might grapple with a learning curve when adapting to the less intuitive aspects of the interface, not to mention the sporadic technical glitches affecting streaming and chatting services.

Leverage Real-Time Updates

Consistent Streaming Schedule

Establishing a consistent streaming agenda paves the way for cultivating a dedicated viewership. This regularity serves as a cornerstone for maintaining viewer interest and expanding your follower count.

Interactive Streams

Boost engagement by interacting with your audience during streams—acknowledge comments, host Q&A segments, and channel audience insights directly into your broadcasting content.

Collaborate with Other Streamers

Forge partnerships through collaborative streaming sessions, community raids, or promotional exchanges. Such strategies can broaden your influence by tapping into the audiences of fellow streamers.

Best For

  • Live streaming and richly interactive content
  • Captivating a young, digitally adept demographic
  • Platforms dedicated to gaming, technology, and entertainment-related businesses

Business Use

  • Execution of live events, product debuts, and engaging interactive sessions
  • Fostering a robust community via consistent live-streaming engagements

Advantages for Marketers

  • Live Streaming: A go-to medium for brands aiming to connect instantly with their consumer base through real-time events, demonstrations, and participatory sessions
  • High Engagement: With a design geared towards live and interactive content, the platform is positioned to secure exceptional engagement levels

Marketing Strategies

  • Orchestrate live showcases, open Q&A forums, and immersive brand experiences
  • Utilize the urgency and exclusivity aspects of live streaming to bolster product launches

Kick at a Glance

  • Average Engagement Rate: 5.5%
  • Most Engaged Demographic: Users aged 16-30
  • Top Content Types: Live streams, interactive Q&As, and gaming broadcasts

Kick Growth Trends (2022-2024)

new social media platforms 2024 - growth of kick


  • Exponential growth as the platform attracts key influencers and a broader user base.


  • Sustained momentum with the number of active streamers hitting the 12 million mark.

2024 (Projected)

  • Anticipated to leap toward a staggering 25 million users, continuing the platform’s upward trajectory.

Factors Contributing to Growth

The platform’s expansion is underpinned by strategic algorithm enhancements, an adaptable user experience, and timely innovations responsive to both streamer and viewer feedback.


new social media platforms 2024 - bluesky

Bluesky is a decentralized, invite-only platform created by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. Offering a Twitter-like experience, it places a strong emphasis on user privacy and control, providing an ad-free environment for its free users. Launched in February 2023, Bluesky has quickly amassed over 2 million users and is seen as a burgeoning alternative to traditional social media platforms like Twitter.


At the heart of Bluesky is a user-driven algorithm, which prioritizes content based on user engagement and interactions rather than catering to advertisers. This ensures that users see more of what they’re genuinely interested in without commercial influence.

User Interface

  • Design: Echoing Twitter’s layout, Bluesky features a minimalist design centered around user posts and direct interactions—free from ads.
  • Visual Elements: Dominated by text-based posts, the interface promotes user-generated content within a clean and straightforward environment.
new social media platforms 2024 - bluesky user interface

User Reviews Summary

Positive Feedback

  • Users are widely appreciative of the ad-free experience and the platform’s focus on privacy.
  • The decentralized nature of Bluesky is also a major draw for those disillusioned with mainstream social media networks.

Negative Feedback

  • Being an invite-only platform, some potential users express dissatisfaction with the limited accessibility.
  • A smaller user base can lead to reduced engagement and less diversity in content.

Leveraging Bluesky for Engagement

Community Building

Capitalize on Bluesky’s ad-free surroundings to cultivate a robust community presence. Foster user engagement through deep conversations and active involvement.

Content Variety

Maintain a vibrant feed by sharing different types of content such as text posts, images, and links.

User-Driven Interactions

Encourage likes, comments, and shares to amplify your content’s reach, leveraging the platform’s user-centric algorithm.

Ideal Users & Business Applications

  • Best suited for privacy-conscious individuals and those looking to foster a community in a decentralized space.
  • Perfect for businesses focused on privacy and transparency, aiming to share updates and engage in dialogues where user control is paramount.

Advantages & Strategies for Marketers

  • Privacy-Focused Audience: Attract and retain a demographic that deeply values transparency and personal agency.
  • Decentralized Dynamics: Offers the opportunity to build a dedicated community, unimpeded by the typical constraints of advertisement-dependent algorithms.

Key Marketing Takeaways:

  • Emphasize transparency and ethical engagement in your marketing efforts.
  • Create a sense of shared community values and partake in significant exchanges.

Bluesky at a Glance

  • Average Engagement Rate: 3.8%
  • Most Engaged Demographic: Users aged 25-40
  • Top Content Types: Text posts, discussion threads, and community-focused material

BlueSky Growth Trends (2023-2024)

new social media platforms 2024 - growth of bluesky
  • Since its inception in 2023, Bluesky is projected to expand significantly, with expectations to grow by more than 14 million users by 2024.


new social media platforms 2024 - damus

Damus, endorsed by notable technology entrepreneur Jack Dorsey, is an emerging player in the realm of decentralized social media. Its core tenets include strong end-to-end encryption and an unwavering commitment to creating a censorship-resistant environment. Unlike traditional social platforms, Damus shuns algorithms for content distribution, instead harnessing the power of user interests. Currently exclusive to Apple devices, it stands as a bastion for privacy and user autonomy, offering an entirely ad-free experience complemented by novel tipping options for favored accounts.


Damus champions a unique approach devoid of algorithmic influence, enabling users to navigate through content purely guided by their own preferences and posted materials.

User Interface

  • Design: A straightforward, privacy-centric interface facilitates user engagement while ensuring robust security via end-to-end encryption.
  • Primary Visual Elements: The design ethos embraces minimalism, putting forth basic layouts and granting users the reins over their privacy settings in an ad-free milieu.
damus user interface

User Reviews Summary

Positive Feedback

  • Privacy & Control: Users inclined towards privacy have lauded the platform’s dedication to encryption and resistance to any form of censorship. The emphasis on simplicity and empowering users with control has garnered acclaim.

Negative Feedback

  • Content Discovery Challenges: The absence of an algorithm makes for a less streamlined discovery process, necessitating users to seek out content proactively.
  • Limited Demographic: Exclusivity to Apple device owners narrows the potential user base.

Leveraging Bluesky for Engagement

For Content Creators:

  • Privacy-Centric Content: Craft your content strategy around the themes of privacy and security. Share insights, tips, and best practices concerning data protection.
  • Community Engagement: Nurture community spirit by actively participating in discussions and endorsing other users’ contributions. Authentic and respectful engagement is key to building trust.
  • Educational Content: Offer your audience valuable knowledge on topics like encryption, the merits of decentralization, and the tenets of digital autonomy. Such educational endeavors can amplify engagement and cement loyalty.

Ideal For

  • Content centering on privacy and security issues.
  • Fostering decentralized, user-propelled interactions.
  • Targeting a tech-literate, privacy-aware demographic.

Business Applications

  • Dissemination of materials pertinent to privacy, security, and decentralized technologies.
  • Cultivation of a community-oriented around privacy-related dialogues.

Advantages for Marketers

  • Privacy & Security Focus: Attracts an audience conscientious about technological acumen and data safety.
  • Ad-Free Setting: Facilitates sincere connections, undisturbed by promotional content.

Marketing Strategies:

  • Prioritize content underscoring privacy, security, and honorable corporate practices.
  • Foster rapport with the community via involvement in discussions and providing informative material.

Damus at a Glance

Damus is an innovative platform designed to meet the needs of today’s dynamic social networking landscape. It stands out for its user-centric approach, prioritizing privacy and user experience above all else. This decentralized system offers a refreshing alternative to traditional social media giants by empowering users with control over their own data.

Key Features:

  • Decentralization: Leveraging blockchain technology, Damus ensures that control remains distributed among users rather than centralized in the hands of a single entity.
  • Privacy Protection: With state-of-the-art encryption and a commitment to not track users, Damus offers unparalleled privacy standards.
  • Open Source: The platform’s code is available for review and contributions, fostering transparency and community development.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Users have the potential to monetize their content through various in-built mechanisms, respecting the value they bring to the network.
  • Seamless User Experience: Despite its advanced technology, Damus maintains a focus on providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Whether for personal connections, professional networking, or public broadcasting, Damus caters to a wide audience seeking a more secure and equitable online presence.

Damus Growth Trends (2023-2024)

new social media platforms 2024 - growth of damus


  • Gaining popularity, with a trajectory set to surge.


  • Forecasted to reach the milestone of 10 million users.



RTRO markets itself as a ‘non-toxic’ social media platform, emphasizing genuine connections and an algorithm-free environment. With a retro aesthetic reminiscent of early social media, RTRO encourages users to share old photos and connect with friends authentically. Its unique blend of Instagram-style visuals and snail mail-inspired messaging makes it stand out in the crowded social media landscape.


RTRO also operates without an algorithm, promoting organic interactions and content sharing. Users see posts based on chronological order and their personal connections.

User Interface

  • Retro aesthetic: Focusing on genuine connections and organic interactions.
  • Primary Visual Elements: Nostalgic visuals, old photos, and snail mail-inspired messaging.
rtro user interface

User Reviews Summary

Positive Feedback

  • The retro aesthetic and focus on genuine connections are highly appreciated.
  • Users enjoy the nostalgic feel and the absence of algorithms.

Negative Feedback

  • Some users find the platform’s features limited compared to more modern social media apps.
  • There are occasional issues with the user interface.

Leveraging RTRO for Engagement

Nostalgic Content: Embrace the platform’s retro aesthetic by sharing nostalgic content. Use vintage filters and old photos to appeal to users’ sense of nostalgia.

Genuine Connections: Focus on building authentic relationships. Share personal stories, engage in meaningful conversations, and avoid overly promotional content.

Chronological Posting: Take advantage of the chronological order by posting regularly. Consistent activity ensures your posts are seen by your followers.

Best For

  • Nostalgic, genuine connections.
  • Sharing authentic, unfiltered content.
  • Engaging with a community focused on genuine interactions.

Business Use

  • Sharing behind-the-scenes content, company history, and authentic stories.
  • Building a loyal community through genuine engagement.

Advantages for Marketers

  • Authentic Connections: Emphasizes genuine interactions and nostalgia, making it suitable for brands that want to build a loyal and authentic following.
  • Algorithm-Free: Ensures that content is seen by followers in chronological order, enhancing engagement.

Marketing Strategies

  • Share behind-the-scenes content and company stories to foster a personal connection.
  • Use nostalgic themes and visuals to evoke emotions and drive engagement.

RTRO at a Glance

RTRO, standing for Retroactive, is a comprehensive framework that allows organizations to review past actions and decisions to optimize future outcomes. Here’s an overview of what RTRO encompasses:

  • Historical Analysis: A detailed examination of previous strategies, their implementation, and the results achieved.
  • Learning Integration: Incorporating lessons learned into current practices to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Actionable Insights: Converting retrospective observations into clear, executable plans.
  • Continuous Improvement: Commitment to applying retrospective findings to create a cycle of ongoing development and betterment.

By analyzing past performances and systematically integrating this knowledge, RTRO enables a culture of continuous learning and improvement, crucial for the fast-paced and ever-evolving business environment.

RTRO Growth Trends (2023-2024)

growth of rtro

Started to pick up in 2023 and is projected to reach 10 million users in 2024.



Gowalla is a location-based social media app, which was initially introduced in 2009. After years, it has made a significant comeback, tapping into the ever-growing interest in social connectivity and real-world engagement.

This platform allows users to share their locations with trusted friends, engage by commenting on check-ins, and delight in collecting ‘stamps’ – a gamified component that adds a unique twist to visiting branded locations. Currently, in its paid-for beta mode for iOS devices, Gowalla sets sights on an expanded release in the forthcoming days.


Utilizing a sophisticated location-based algorithm, Gowalla enhances the social experience by promoting interactions with nearby friends and spotlighting local events. It strategically curates content based on user proximity and their recent check-in history, thus making the discovery of people and places around you intuitive and spontaneous.

User Interface

gowalla user interface
  • Design: A location-focused interface enhanced with interactive maps.
  • Playful Elements: Gamified features such as stamps inject fun into the experience.
  • Visual Highlights: Users navigate through maps, check-ins, location stamps, and are nudged towards real-world interaction opportunities.

User Reviews Summary

Positive Feedback

  • Gamified elements and focus on real-life meetups are highly appreciated.
  • Location-based functionalities offer a unique and engaging user experience.

Negative Feedback

  • Frustration due to limited availability during the beta phase.
  • Some users perceive certain features as more gimmicky than useful.

Leveraging Gowalla for Enhanced Engagement

Location-Based Engagement

Encourage consistent user check-ins at targeted locations and incentivize sharing of experiences. Amplify engagement by setting up localized challenges or events.

Gamified Content

Capitalize on Gowalla’s gamification by offering rewards for specific actions or visits, adding value and excitement to user interactions.

Community Events

Promote real-world connections by orchestrating meetups or teaming up with local entities, cultivating a robust community presence.

Ideal Use-Cases

  • Cultivating location-centric interactions.
  • Invigorating user activity through game-like elements.
  • Reaching out to local audiences effectively.

Business Integration

  • Highlighting local happenings, establishments, and offerings.
  • Employing gamification to augment physical traffic to concrete venues.

Advantages for Marketers

  • Location-Centricity: Perfect for brick-and-mortar businesses aiming to boost physical customer presence.
  • Gamified Approach: Captivates users with interactive, playful content conducive to brand engagement.

Marketing Strategies

  • Design exclusive location-driven challenges coupled with incentives to entice local patronage.
  • Engage in partnerships with area-specific businesses for joint promotional ventures and activities.

Gowalla at A Glance

Gowalla is a location-based social networking service where users check into different locations through a smartphone app or website. By leveraging the mobile device’s GPS capabilities, Gowalla allows users to share their current location with friends, discover new places, and earn rewards in the form of virtual items that can be collected at various spots. It fosters a sense of exploration and community by encouraging users to visit new locations and partake in real-world activities.

Growth Trajectory (2023-2024)

new social media platforms 2024 - growth of gowalla

Charting a positive course, the app witnessed a surge in popularity in 2023 and is projected to attain a user base of 10 million by 2024.


new social media platforms 2024 - bereal

Founded in France in 2019, BeReal aims to foster genuine connections by encouraging users to share unfiltered, unedited photos daily. At a random time each day, BeReal sends a notification prompting users to take photos with their front and rear cameras within a two-minute window. This focus on authenticity and spontaneity sets BeReal apart from the curated content on other platforms, making it a refreshing alternative in the social media world.


BeReal employs a minimal algorithm, focusing on real-time engagement and authenticity. The platform prioritizes the latest posts, ensuring users see the most current and spontaneous content from their friends.

User Interface

bereal user interface
  • Authenticity: Emphasizes sharing spontaneous content in response to daily prompts.
  • Algorithm: Minimal, focusing on real-time engagement. Prioritizes the latest, most authentic posts.
  • User Interface: Simplistic design that promotes real-time sharing of unfiltered photos.
  • Primary Visual Elements: Dual-camera photos that capture both front and rear perspectives.

User Reviews Summary

Positive Feedback

  • The platform is celebrated for its authenticity and freshness.
  • Users appreciate the emphasis on spontaneity and real-time interaction.

Negative Feedback

  • Daily notifications may be perceived as intrusive by some users.
  • Occasional technical issues with photo uploads can detract from the user experience.

Leveraging BeReal for Enhanced Engagement

For Authentic Content Creators:

  • Share genuine moments without excessive editing.
  • Engage quickly with the daily prompts to maintain community and real-time interaction.

For Storytellers:

  • Utilize the dual-camera feature to provide a fuller narrative context to your audience.

Best For

  • Showcasing authentic, unfiltered content.
  • Attracting a younger audience that values spontaneity.
  • Fostering genuine personal connections.

Business Use

  • Providing a behind-the-scenes peek into the business operations.
  • Promoting a brand image that’s transparent and authentic.

Advantages for Marketers

  • Authenticity: The unfiltered nature resonates with brands emphasizing transparency.
  • Spontaneity: Provides unique opportunities for organic marketing tied to real-world events

Marketing Strategies

  • Share authentic, behind-the-scenes stories to foster trust.
  • Capitalize on the platform’s daily notifications for timely campaign launches

BeReal at a Glance

BeReal is a social media application that deviates from the norm of curated online personas by encouraging users to share authentic, unfiltered moments from their daily lives. As one of the best new social media platforms of 2024, the platform prompts users to post once a day within a randomized two-minute window, showcasing real-time updates without any edits or filters. This approach fosters a more genuine and less performative social media experience, emphasizing real-life connections over virtual ones.

Growth Trajectory (2020-2024)

growth of bereal

The growth trajectory from 2020 to 2024 shows a steadily increasing trend for new social media platforms in 2024. It is estimated that by the year 2024, there will be a reach of 20 million. This projection aligns with the consistent upward trend observed over the past years.

Growth Of New Social Media Platforms (2020-2024)

growth of new social media platforms
The growth rate of new social media platforms in 2024

The growth trajectory of new social media platforms between 2020 and 2024 has been remarkable, showcasing a dynamic and evolving digital landscape. This chart vividly illustrates the rise in user adoption and engagement across various platforms, each carving out its niche and rapidly expanding its reach.

From the data presented, Instagram Threads has seen exponential growth since its inception, quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing platforms. Its rapid adoption is a testament to its integration with Instagram’s ecosystem and its appeal to users seeking close-knit, private social interactions.

Meanwhile, Lemon8 has steadily gained popularity, particularly from 2022 onwards. The platform’s focus on visually appealing content has resonated well with creative communities, driving consistent growth in its user base.

Similarly, Kick has developed a vibrant and engaged community, with significant growth observed each year. Its unique algorithm, which emphasizes both engagement and viewing time, has helped sustain its momentum.

In contrast, Bluesky has shown a steady increase in user adoption as a promising alternative to traditional social media platforms.

On the other hand, Damus has attracted users who prioritize data security and transparency with its focus on privacy and chronological content presentation.

Additionally, RTRO’s unique blend of simplicity and authenticity has garnered a loyal following, leading to steady growth.

Furthermore, the revival of Gowalla has been met with enthusiasm, especially among users interested in location-based content.

Finally, BeReal’s emphasis on authenticity and real-time engagement has resonated strongly with users, particularly in the past two years.

average engagement rates
Average Engagement Rates of new social media platforms in 2024


Social media in 2024 is brimming with new and innovative platforms, each offering unique features and experiences. From Instagram Threads’ text-based updates to Lemon8’s nostalgic charm, these platforms are poised to redefine how we connect and engage online. By staying informed and experimenting with these emerging platforms, you can stay ahead. Embrace the new, explore the unknown, and make the most of the exciting opportunities that these social media platforms offer.

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