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Last updated on March 13th, 2024 at 06:48 pm

Gone are the days in which everything is in print.  Now in our technology age, almost everything is on the World Wide Web.  This is the easier way to get people to see who your company is and to advertise. 

There are online listing companies that home inspectors should have.  Listings, or “citations”, as they are often called, are picked up by Google to show the business is real and exists. 

Let’s take a look at why it is important to list on these sites, optimize your listings, how to register with the sites, and trial and error to grow your business.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the practice of optimizing your business’s online presence for local searches. A really good example of this is trying to optimize your website for a search like “home inspector near me”.

Learn more about local internet marketing.

How Do Citations Or Listings Help Local SEO?

When you list your business information on these website directories, it’s called a citation or online listing.

Listing on these sites will give your business more exposure online and in turn, provide you with more customers. Consumers have many places to look up businesses and services so the more your company is listed, the more traffic for your business should increase. However, you don’t want to list on every site, just the ones that are more relevant for you and your business.

Listing your website on other reputable pages also helps with backlinks and proof to search engines you are a reputable business. Good backlinks are one of the most important metrics for ranking high among search engines.

Getting Started With Local SEO

First, you are going to need to check your current online presence. You can do that with a tool like Moz Local or BrightLocal.

Once you are there, enter your business information to see where your business is lacking online citations and opportunities for new ones.

Record where your online opportunities are so you can start posting your business information on those directories.

Optimizing Your Listings

Let’s get into creating and optimizing your online listings.

You want to make sure that the time you spend listing your business on sites will pay off. Some sites are free and some charge a fee. However, some things you can do are:

  1. Write descriptions using your website keywords in the profiles for the companies below.
  2. Link directly to your home page. This will allow consumers to find out where you are and other search engines can find it too.
  3. Many of the sites listed below will allow you to search for a business category to list your listing on their site. This will help consumers when they are searching for your services.
  4. Photos are great to use to showcase your business.
  5. Reviews for any business are important. Many consumers use reviews to choose a business or stay away. When reviews are listed, they help you in Google search rankings.

Let’s take a look at the sites that are important for every home inspector to grow their business. Click on the links to create accounts with the websites if you do not have one already.

Top Sites Where You Should List Your Business

  1. Google My Business create a listing to manage your business listing and business profile.
  2. Bing Places – (formerly Bing Maps) – your business may already be on here!  If you have Google My Business, you can import the information.  This is another free site to get the name of your business out there to the public.  Claim your listing, complete the profile, and then verify.
  3. Yelp – a free website to list and manage your business.  Many people go to Yelp to find reviews on companies when they are looking for goods and services.
  4. Facebook – you will need a personal account first and then you can add a Facebook Business account.  Businesses get a lot of traffic from having a Facebook page.  Many homeowners and professionals use this site to find information about companies.  It is free to set up and manage and you can also create ads for a fee.
  5. Apple Maps – Very much like Google Maps, but you want to claim your business so you appear on Apple maps and IOS devices.

Additional Sites to List Your Business

6. – This website offers contractor leads for you!  You create a profile and set it for what works best for you.  Settings such as profile, work preferences, how you get work, and how you pay.  

7. Yellow Pages – every business should want to be on the Yellow pages.  The books are no longer delivered but there is a website to find information about businesses and much of it is free to list!

8. – a great website that points consumers in the direction of various services.  You do have to consent to a “secret shop” so they can evaluate your business.

9. American Society of Home Inspectors – also known as ASHI.  This company is much like Nachi and provides many of the same benefits.  Many home inspectors find that they enjoy belonging to both ASHI and NACHI so they are well informed.

Women's Council of Realtors 10. Women’s Council of Realtors – a great website that can link your home inspection company to a local Women’s Council of Realtors in your area.  Think about becoming a sponsor of your local chapter and getting more exposure for your company.

11. Find Open – a website that allows consumers to search for various businesses.  Since you can list your home inspection company under the category of “Home and Building Inspection, ” you will find the competitors in your area who have done the same!  Moreover, if there are no competitors in the area listed, be the first!

12. Angies List a website you can list and grow your business.  Showcase your work, manage your reputation and credibility, and also many business tools.

13. Home advisor receive leads for business by signing up for this site.

14. Real Estate Bees free service to build your business in your industry and target your market.

15. – neighborhoods are on Nextdoor to find out about services and recommendations in the areas in which residents live. Claim your free business page.

16. – a free site to list your business and gain more traffic.

17. – list your business and grow your company. Over 100 million consumers use this site.

18. – list your business and also buy a prospective buyers list.  Good for getting leads, suppliers, and data.

19. is a great website to register your business! In addition, customers can leave reviews and find you easily!

20. – allows customers to search for your business in your area and you can also add information about your area of expertise.

21. – free listing, claim your business, add your photos, logos, videos, and more!

22. – get a free business listing profile, report, and team collaboration.  This site has been featured in Inc. magazine. Also known as Grandio. 

23. – when you are part of the Chamber of Commerce for your city or area, you have access to more businesses and people. Add your business listing today!

24. – a site to list and manage your business online.

25. – a site that connects consumers with local businesses. One of the fields they specialize in is home services.

26. – a site to promote products and services.  In addition to sharing posts by location, category, and media type to increase your business.

27. – get your business on the Best of the Web listings and increase your traffic!

28. – manage and grow your business’s digital presence.

29. – create a free profile and get leads for a business.

30. – This site puts your business information on over 70 digital directories.

31. – joining the Better Business Bureau allows your business to get noticed and also gives consumers reassurance that they will get the services they need from legitimate companies.

Social Media Sites

32. Instagram a lot like Facebook, but showcase your business by using pictures!  Free to set up and manage.

33. LinkedIn – social media platform to list your business and network with others.  Free to join and network.

34. TikTok – a modern social media site to showcase your brand.

Trial and Error to Grow Your Business

It is important that your company is out there on the web and is getting the same exposure as your competitors. When consumers do a search, you want your company to appear. Also, it does not need to cost a lot of money as many of the sites listed above are free or charge a small fee. It might take some trial and error to see what is the right fit, but figure out what works best and grow from there.

The key points are to make sure your business information is complete, and accurate, and to get those reviews!

Be sure to consistently keep your business information up to date on all those sites by periodically checking in on your live information.

Boost Your Local SEO Automatically

With WolfPack’s Local SEO service, you can automatically serve your business information on 60+ website directories like the ones listed above. This is business information like your business photos, hours, videos, descriptions, service area, and more.

Many home inspection companies want to boost their local SEO and get more online leads, but simply do not have the time to manage everything which is where WolfPack comes in.

You can also take your online presence to the next level with full search engine optimization or read how to do it on your own.

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