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Last updated on April 25th, 2023 at 02:37 pm

According to Statista, as of December 2022, Facebook held 49.9% of the market share for social media sites viewed in the United States. With so many potential customers using Facebook, it is important to put your best foot forward and represent your brand well online. Especially when so many companies are utilizing the platform. “The number of small businesses on Facebook is about 200 million” according to BusinessDIT in 2022. Let’s check out some tips for structuring your business’ Facebook bio to stand out from the crowd.

Facebook Profile vs. Facebook Page

Before structuring your Facebook profile, it is important to ensure your Business page is set up correctly. If it is not, you will not have access to all of the correct settings and analytics. Contrary to popular assumptions, Facebook profiles and Facebook pages are not the same. A profile belongs to an individual while a page would belong to a business. A business page should be connected to the business manager. You can view the steps to create a business manager here. Your business manager will have a unique business ID. Once this is complete and you can create a proper Facebook Business Page.

Your business page will then be connected to Meta Business Suite where you will have access to tools, settings, and analytics that differ from a personal Facebook profile. This includes the ability to grant page access to other people within your company who will be working on your Facebook profile for you.

Essential Elements to Include in our Facebook Bio

Let’s take a look at some elements to focus on when getting started with, or updating your Facebook bio.

Cover Photo

Consider designing a cover photo including multiple elements rather than a still or plain image. Your cover photo can include elements such as a team photo, review, rating, company slogan, phone number, service area, and more. Its design should be updated often. You can view an example cover photo below. You can take the same cover photo, resize it, and use it for your cover photo on LinkedIn and YouTube.

Example Cover Photo for a Facebook Bio
Example Cover Photo

Profile Photo

Business profile photos should be the company’s logo. If you have a version of your logo without text or your company name, it can be a good idea to select that logo for your profile photo, since your company name will already be listed directly next to it. Limiting text within the profile photo can help prevent clutter. Later in this article, we will look at other ways you can spruce up your profile photo.

Facebook Bio – Intro

This space within your profile allows you to approximately 100 characters to type a phrase about your business. This could include your services, slogan, motto, or an important temporary announcement. This should be short, sweet, and important to your brand.

Landing Page Link

Consider adding a link such as Linktree or a Buffer start page to give your page visitors a choice in where they can navigate next. This can help with conversions.

How to Create a Linkree for Your Facebook Bio

To create a Linktree you will need a unique email address. Go to Linktree’s website and create an account.

Once to account is created you will find options to edit ‘links’, ‘appearance’, and ‘settings’. You will also find a page where you will be able to view analytics for your Linktree. The free version of Linktree will work for more businesses but offers few analytics.

Designing Your Linktree

Ensure color codes, logos, and fonts match those in your brand kit. They should match those on your social media posts and your website.

Consider adding links for…

  • Scheduler, quote form, or e-commerce location
  • Website homepage
  • Blog
  • Yelp Profile
  • Google My Business Profile or Review Link
  • All Social Media Platforms (using the social buttons tool)

After completing the changes, paste the Linktree link into all of your social media bios. You can access the link using the following steps.

  • In the top right-hand corner click the “share” button
  • Then from the menu that appears click “Share my Linktree to…”
  • Scroll down and select “copy”

Paste that link into a new browser and test that all of the linked buttons are functioning properly and navigating to the right locations. Click here to navigate to an example Linktree.

Example Linktree of WolfPack Advising
Example of a Linktree landing page on mobile

Contact Info

Your website, phone number, address, and other social links should be included and up to date in your Facebook bio. You can also consider including your office email address. Keep in mind, if a phone number is listed, it should be a phone line that will almost always be answered during your business hours.

Review Rating

Facebook has its own review system. Ensure your Facebook review rating is viewable on your page. Keep in mind your rating may not match that of your business on Google or Yelp. It may take some time and encouragement from clients for your Facebook review count to increase if your page is new.

Business Hours

When viewing your page, you should see ‘open now’ in green if it is within your office hours. Page visitors should be able to click on the green link to view the rest of your hours. These hours should match those included within your Google My Business Profile.

Facebook Business Bio Example
Facebook Business Bio Example

What to Avoid in Your Facebook Bio and Page

Let’s take a look at missteps that could hinder your Facebook page’s success.

Outdated Information

Nothing can be more frustrating as a potential customer than driving to a place of business you found online only to find that they are closed permanently or the hours were listed incorrectly online. Even worse, the customer drove to the wrong location because the address listed was incorrect. Triple checking that the information listed is imperative, a simply missed keystroke can be the difference between a closed lead to an unhappy experience and a missed sale.

Lack of Navigational Tools

Posting on social media is great, but it will not help with conversions if the prospect has no way to navigate to your website to make the purchase or schedule the service.

No Featured Posts

Not all posts are created equally. Some posts will receive a much more positive engagement rate than others. Others will be great representations of your brand and employees. Feature these posts on the top of your Facebook page to ensure these gems don’t get lost in the shuffle and are never seen again. However, ensure you are switching out feature posts regularly and not highlighting an outdated post.

Inconsistent Branding or Info Across Platforms

Similarly to how businesses live off of consistencies with their processes day-to-day, your business will thrive off of the same consistency with its online reputation. Avoid using different color codes, fonts, and verbiage across multiple platforms. Consider creating a brand kit to avoid inconsistency.

Check out these common issues with social media plans to see some other practices to avoid.

How Often Should You Change Your Facebook Bio?

Set a reoccurring reminder to review your Facebook Bio a least once a month. While your bio may only require small changes during this time span, small improvements and getting into a routine can prevent your page from becoming stagnant and outdated.

Considering utilizing Facebook’s temporary cover photo tool. Changing your cover photo slightly to match the holiday or season can show your followers that you are active. Make small adjustments to your logo based on a season or holiday and post it temporarily. Holiday posts, when relatable, tend to get engagement because many followers associate holidays with happiness and joy. This is especially true when you include a funny caption. See the example below.

Changing your cover photo slightly to match the holiday or season can show your followers that you are active with your Facebook Bio.
Example Facebook Profile Photo for February


There you have it! The complete guide to business Facebook bios. Whether you are just starting out your Facebook page or looking to refresh your current bio, these tips can certainly help!

Considering investing more time and resources into social media? Consider investing in a social media management team to help create content for you. Looking to do it on your own, but looking for some more guidance? Consider Wolfpack digital marketing advising services. We would love to coach you through your social media journey.