Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to optimizing a business towards a local location, such as, a main city. Many local businesses rely on people nearby to find their business online. With Local SEO, we ensure your information is complete and accurate across the web to improve local visibility.

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What We Do

With Local SEO, we manage your local citations and push out your business information to 60+ websites. This helps give credibility to your business online and improves local SEO performance.

Update your business information across the web automatically.

We manage duplicates and user suggestions for you.

Optimize your business for voice searches.

Local Citations

Local Citations are going to hold as much information about your business that your audience wants to know. Your hours of operation, where you’re located, and even social medias links. The more details that are filled out, the better chance of increasing your visibility in search results. Giving your audience as much information about the operations of your business will help the consumer make a decision on whether your service will be beneficial to them.

Duplicates & User Suggestions

There are many duplicates of your business’s information across the web. More often than not, these duplicates include old and outdated information.

Moreover, users can suggest edits on your business without you knowing.

With Local SEO, we manage user suggestions, duplicates, and your information across the web.

Who We Help

We can help home services companies with their local SEO. We already work with pest control companies, home inspectors, and real estate agencies.

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How Can You Use Local SEO To Grow Your Business?

Local SEO increases your visibility online in your city/town and its immediate surrounding areas. It’ll help more traffic come through your website, and when customers are on your website, you have a chance of converting that traffic into clients, whether you have ongoing clients or just one sale.

Focusing on local SEO can help you stand out against your competitors. Standing out from your competitors helps you appear better on maps, when people perform local searches, and on their social media, as well.