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Last updated on June 14th, 2023 at 01:03 pm

Considering a career in the home inspection industry? It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before embarking on this exciting journey. In the real estate industry, home inspections play a crucial role in assessing the condition of properties and providing valuable insights to buyers and sellers. However, like any profession, a home inspection career has its advantages and challenges.

This blog explores the pros and cons of a home inspection career, helping you make an informed decision. Let’s uncover the world of home inspection, exploring opportunities and factors for career switchers and real estate enthusiasts.

The demand for home inspectors is growing

The Pros of Being A Home Inspector

The Demand for Home Inspectors Is Growing

The role of home inspectors in ensuring the integrity of properties during real estate transactions has garnered significant recognition, leading to a remarkable surge in demand. Analysts anticipate a projected growth rate of 3% across diverse inspector disciplines, including construction, building, and home inspections, which is expected to generate approximately 3,800 new positions in the next eight years.

This surge is driven by the thriving real estate industry’s demand for competent and qualified home inspectors.

A Career In Home Inspection Offer Freedom And Flexibility

Yes, a career in home inspection can offer you the freedom and flexibility that is often hard to find in other professions. As a home inspector, you have the freedom to work outdoors, assist and protect people, and create your own schedule. This profession allows you to break free from a traditional 9-5 desk job and enjoy flexibility and independence.

The demand for home inspectors is a promising opportunity for single parents seeking a profession that aligns with their childcare responsibilities.

This unique flexibility proves especially valuable for single parents who require a profession that harmonizes with their childcare obligations, encompassing school routines and unexpected situations. Additionally, you can choose to work from home or operate your own business.

Continuing Education for Home Inspectors.

Opportunities For Learning And Skill Development In Home Inspection Are Constantly Available

The home inspection is a field that requires ongoing learning and skill development. There are numerous educational programs available that cater to different levels of knowledge and experience.
To stay updated on home inspections, engage in workshops, join associations, participate in online communities, and read relevant literature. This ongoing learning process allows you to continuously acquire new knowledge and skills. Additionally, you have the opportunity to work with cool tools, adding an element of excitement to your profession.

By actively pursuing continuous professional development, you not only cultivate and retain the trust of your clients but also propel your career forward.

A Career In Home Inspection Has A High Earning Potential

Several factors, including location, expertise, and years of experience, influence the earning potential of home inspectors. Spectora, a home inspection report and office software states the following:

As of 2022, Spectora users in their first 2 years of business averaged $46,488 per year. But for home inspectors that make it to year three and beyond, the rewards are well worth it. Inspectors who were in the 3-5 year range averaged $61,464, with many averaging six figures.


This financially rewarding career choice, driven by high demand and offering a sense of fulfillment, provides ample opportunities for dedicated individuals to achieve financial success and career growth.

Pros And Cons Of Home Inspector Careers

Cons of Being a Home Inspector

High Physical Demands

As a home inspector, you will typically spend a significant amount of time on-site inspecting properties and the work is physically demanding. This involves working in different weather conditions, crawling under houses with insects and other critters, working in extremely hot attics, and climbing ladders to access hard-to-reach areas, increasing the risk of on-the-job injuries. Therefore, it’s important to have good physical fitness and stamina to handle the job demands.

Starting And Growing A Home Inspection Business Is Challenging

Starting and growing a home inspection business can be challenging, especially without essential marketing and business skills. Additionally, established players with a commendable reputation dominate the saturated market, posing formidable competition. In the home inspection industry, like real estate, mortgages, and insurance, intense competition floods local markets with similar service providers. Nevertheless, it is vital not to be disheartened by these circumstances.

There are numerous effective marketing strategies specifically tailored for home inspectors that can contribute to the growth and prosperity of your business. Targeting real estate agents and potential clients is crucial for driving referrals and generating leads. Adopt a targeted marketing strategy to ensure business success and overcome market competition. Craft a comprehensive marketing strategy targeting key audiences to position your home inspection business for growth in a competitive market.

Additionally, leveraging the power of local SEO can greatly enhance your visibility and attract customers in your area. Optimize your online presence to increase service awareness and facilitate customer discovery through local search queries.

High Expectations to Get the Job Done Right

In the field of home inspection, managing client expectations can be a difficult task. The pressure to deliver accurate results while navigating the client’s preconceived notions about the final report can add to the difficulties.

Some clients are seeking a re-inspection to find any possible issues in order to sue their builder. They are hoping to discover a major problem with the house, although it is in pristine condition with only a few minor cosmetic issues. As a trained home inspector, it is crucial to prioritize ethical standards and maintain objectivity in the report. As a trained home inspector, maintaining ethical standards and objectivity in your report is critical.

Finally, your role is to provide an objective evaluation of the home’s condition and safety. Proactive communication and a comprehensive pre-inspection agreement greatly enhance the overall experience.

Setting clear expectations from the start enhances client satisfaction and ensures a smoother home inspection process for all parties involved.

What Actual Home Inspectors Have To Say About It

The pros for sure outweigh the cons. For those starting out and consulting most older inspectors that are unwilling to help and, instead, ridicule questions is disconcerting. But being a home inspector has given my a job that I enjoy, that makes me decent money, and I get to help people. I’d love to find everything wrong with a home, but we’re human and humans miss things. A big con I see for sure is dealing with clients that hire you for specific reasons. Example of that is I had a client who wanted an 11 month inspection. After moving into her house; she found that her yard is riddled with Cane Toads and is having buyers remorse because of it. So much so that she wants something major to be wrong with the house. The house, for all intents and purposes, is in immaculate condition. A few minor cosmetic things, but one of the nicer houses I’ve inspected. After receiving the report, she was not happy that her house only had a few things wrong with it and has been berating me to come out and Re inspect and find everything so she can sue her builder.

Joshua Michael

There is a lot of upside to being a home inspector! Meeting new people, being able to help folks through some of the largest monetary transactions that they’ll ever go through, and (in the case of being self employed) controlling your own work schedule are all really great and rewarding benefits. The difficult parts about being a home inspector might be things like having to do EVERYTHING when running our own business (advertising, sales, customer interactions, inspecting, finance, continuing education requirements), the physical risks we put ourselves through (climbing on roofs, working in extremely hot attics, crawling through crawlspaces with insects and other critters, working around mold and asbestos), and all the while hoping and praying we don’t miss anything during an inspection for fear of getting sued by an angry client (we are human after all). All that said, it’s a labor of love and well worth the time and effort when we see the relief of a client when they get a good report, or when we see thankfulness from a client for identifying something that saves them from a huge and expensive repair. It’s a very enjoyable profession…Wouldn’t trade it for any other 9-5 job. 

John D Del Valle – DV Home Inspections

Customer to be difficult realtors can be difficult. Insurance agents can be difficult you’re working outside. Weather can be difficult it can be dirty it could be hot. It could be dangerous roofs are always an issue. Constant driving writing reports takes time and people don’t understand that time marketing is hard to get rolling, always new things to learn contractors realtors homeowners will all blame you for things you didn’t do and blame you for doing things you didn’t do. On the positive, the money can be good. People and agents can be great. You’re not stuck behind a desk you can work outside you got to help people can you protect people you make your own schedule there are always things new things to learn you get to play with cool tools. Benefits or not or nearly nonexistent, as well as retirement plans. As a small business owner, you can write off many things that you use for your business.

John Shishilla – Honor Services & President of the Florida Association of Building Inspectors.


In conclusion, considering a career in home inspection requires careful consideration of the pros and cons. Home inspection plays a vital role in the real estate industry, offering opportunities for freedom, flexibility, and financial success. The rising demand for home inspectors offers a promising landscape for career switchers and those seeking work-life balance. However, challenges such as physical demands, competition, and managing client expectations must also be taken into account.

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