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Last updated on March 29th, 2024 at 04:10 pm

WolfPack Advising, a leader in digital marketing for home service companies, proudly announces the successful conclusion of the WolfPack Summit, a premier conference tailored for professionals in the Pest Control and Home Inspection sectors. The event took place from January 16 to 20 in the vibrant city of Tampa, Florida.

Highlights of the WolfPack Summit

Industry-Leading Speakers

The Summit featured renowned speakers and experts in Pest Control and Home Inspection, providing valuable insights and cutting-edge information to attendees. Prominent speakers included Harmony Brown and Jessica Chitwood with Greenworks Inspections, Ryan Tansom with Arkona, Jasmine Almeter with PestPros, and Bob Williamson with Cetane Associates.

Networking Opportunities

Attendees had the chance to connect with industry peers, exchange ideas, and build meaningful relationships. The summit facilitated networking sessions, allowing professionals to expand their business contacts.

Educational Workshops

A series of interactive workshops covered the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in Pest Control and Home Inspection. Attendees gained practical knowledge to stay ahead in a competitive market. A few of these included applications for new AI software, the possibilities for how the home inspection and pest control markets can support each other, and ways to train and utilize virtual professionals within their companies.

Exhibition Showcase

A diverse exhibition area showcased innovative products, services, and technologies from leading companies in the industry. Attendees explored new solutions to enhance their businesses.

Panel Discussions

Engaging in panel discussions addressed key challenges and opportunities in the Pest Control and Home Inspection sectors. Experts shared their perspectives on industry trends and future developments.

Community Building

The WolfPack Summit fostered a sense of community within the Pest Control and Home Inspection industries, creating a platform for collaboration and shared success.

Testimonials from Previous Event Attendees

β€œWTG!!! The conference was fantastic!!! Thanks, Aaron Shishilla and Austin Hintze (lots of people including the vendors) for all of your hard work. Cannot wait till next Year. More Chocolate Ice Cream Next Year Please!!!!”

-Joe Kelley, Owner of Avalon Home Inspections, All South Pest Control, and Roofing Ops

β€œOnly halfway through the Summit and I feel like I’ve already gotten more than my money’s worth! Money well spent!!”

-Allen Lucus, Owner of Lucus Inspection Services

About WolfPack Advising

Founded in 2019, WolfPack Advising was created by owners of home service businesses who were tired of paying for digital marketing and seeing little to no results. We have helped hundreds of companies with their web design/hosting, SEO, social media management, paid online advertising management, advising, and more. WolfPack’s services are tailored for home services businesses such as pest control.

Our Mission: To empower businesses with tools and services that generate driven, calculated results.

Our Vision: To be a thought leader that brings together the experiences of many to elevate all.

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