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Easy Way to Grow Your Business Online

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So you realize your online presence probably needs some work… Here are some simple steps you can take to grow online without going to a Search Engine Optimization professional.

Ensure your website is decent and can convert prospects.

Your website is your image and MUST allow for visitors to find information they are looking for. On top of that, your site must have a “call-to-action”, or a schedule online option! If you need web design help check out our designs.

Accurately complete your Google My Business Listing.

Your Google Listing is the gateway to your website when home buyers are searching for home inspectors. Having a Google My Business Listing that is complete and accurate VITAL. Here is an image of what a complete Google Listing looks like by Honor Services.

You can see from the listing there are photos, reviews, a website, and phone number. One MAJOR MISTAKE many business owners make is they list a private address, USPS store, or a fake place on their Google Listing. Do NOT do this. If you work from home you can tell Google that in your Google My Business dashboard. Then, Google will only show the city you are located in. That will be the city you appear in when users search for home inspectors.

Ask for Google Reviews. Ask Again. And then Ask Again!

The more 5-star Google Reviews you have the better you will appear online. Blipp Reviews helps home inspectors accomplish this task. It also helps to be somewhat nice during the inspection process. 🙂

Once you receive a Google Review, be sure to comment/respond to your client or realtor. This tells Google you are active and you care about reputation. Side note: Respond professionally to 1-star reviews. This is you chance to defend yourself.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are struggling online, focus on these steps. This will help you improve in your location as that is how the Google Listing works. If you are interested in expanding into other cities, counties, or regions, more investment into online presence is required.

Comment below if you have questions!

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